Friday, July 9, 2010

AB's 1st haircut

On Monday I took Annabelle to get her first haircut! It was so fun for me and not sad at all like I thought it might be. Annabelle did soooo great! She looked a little confused but never once whined or cried! I was so relieved!

Sarah does Ryley's hair and it's always so cute so I knew she would do a great job with AB's hair! I had my iphone ready with Dora videos and we had snacks an bear ready too!

Sarah cut it an inch and then asked me what I thought and I told her a little more and so she cut another inch so overall Annabelle got her hair cut 2 inches. She put a little shape to it and it really did make a big difference.

I forgot my real camera (long and crazy crazy story for later) so all I had was my phone for pictures but I'm just grateful it has a camera in it. I was afraid she would cut her little curl off and that would be it for Annabelle and curls but I was wrong. Her hair bounced right back with a little curl on the end!

I didn't really get to get good shots of it that day but I got some the next day.

I just love it; she looks like such a little girl instead of a baby. I have such mixed feelings about that.

I am excited though that I can pull it back on the side with a bow and it looks super cute. This way we can avoid all the fights over Annabelle not wanting me to put little rubberbnds in her hair. :)

Overall Annabelle's first hair cut was such a pleasant experience; the only problem is that she is growing up way too fast!!!!

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Resisting Perfection said...

Oh my goodness it's so cute! Layla got her first haircut a few weeks ago and I was emotional! I saved a curl though :)