Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 Months Comparison Shots





The girls at seven months. I really think they are looking so different these days but Adelyn's hair is coming in exactly like Annabelle's did. Seven months is when we found out we were pregnant with Adelyn (hence the "Big Sister" shirt); I cannot imagine finding out I am pregnant right now. :)

While looking through pictures I found some of my favorites of Annabelle and I just couldn't help but post them. The first one is one of my absolute favorite pictures of me and Annabelle.


Josh, Emily, and Adelle Blackwell said...

My fave thing about Adelyn...that her mouth is always wide open with a huge smile. Even with all of her tummy issues, she is so happy! Love it!

Claire said...

What sweet girls!


the boyd girls.... said...

Just stumbled accross your blog, I also have 2 girls 18 months apart, that are 3 and 4! We have sooo much in common! :) Your girls are precious and I assure you, it gets easier, my girls love to play with eachother now! I refer to the fist year with them both as the "fog year!"...ha