Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yummy Ice Cream and more

We had such a great time at church as usual! My mom kept the girls for me while I practiced singing and it was so nice not to have to watch them and practice at the same time!

After church, we came home and ate chicken parmesean (Adam's favorite right now :) ), sweet potatoe fries and brocolli. I wanted him to have one of his favorite meals before he went to Florida for the week.

After lunch, I took him to the airport. I was sad he was leaving but again I'm glad my mom could come to help! We took these pictures outside after church. My straightener is broken :( and I have been too cheap to buy another one so my hair looks crazy but oh well!

Annabelle turned 21 months on Sunday and I need to get a post up about it. She is doing and understanding soo much these days! Also, I LOVE this blue dress from Anita. I think it's a 12 month dress but she is so small it fits really well. Oh and she loves her bear these days; it's so cute!

For dinner that night we went to an awesome ice cream place in Dublin called Grater's Ice Cream. It was sooo good! I got Blackberry chip whch sounds so weird but it was really really good. Annabelle got cookies and cream. She only took a few bites of course but I think she liked it! They put little eyesy on hers; it was cute!

Annabelle doesn't look happy in this picture but she is, this is just the face she makes when she eats something cold. :)

I love this picture of Annabelle. She is having so much fun with her Lala! :)

More fun to come! My friend Kimberley comes in town on Monday! yeah! I love houseguests!!

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