Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Memphis Visit #4

This is my last Memphis post. :( I am sad just because I love all my friends and family in Memphis so much but again I know we live here in Ohio to win people to Christ and what could be better than being in the center of God's will for your life!

On Thursday, my mom, Mrs. Jen, me, Annabelle, and Adleyn went to this free water park in Collierville. It was so neat and Annabelle just loved it. We were there a while and then my precious friend Audrey met us there with her two kiddos. I absolutely adore Audrey. Both of our husbands are in the ministry; We had kids at the same time and then both got pregnant again at the same time so our kiddos are 14 months apart. Needless to say, we have LOTS to talk about seeing as our lives are basically the same only we live in different states. Don't you just love friends like that!

Me, Adelyn, Annabelle, Jack, Jovie, and Audrey

Annabelle and Jack and they are even matching, how cute! We gave them a snack so they would sit there while we took pictures. They were so cute; it was like they knew each other were there but they didn't acknowledge each other at all.

Annabelle and her sweet skinny legs

I took this picture because she is obsessed with colors these days and one of the first things she did when we got there was to go around and point at all the things and try to say their color.

Marmie, AB, me, Adelyn

Same pic minus me plus my mom

Adleyn and her blue eyes

me and sweet Jovie

On Thursday afternoon, me and the girls went to my mom's best friend, Carolyn's house to play with her granddaughter and Annabelle had her first tea party experience. She was so funny. She kept spilling it everywhere. :)

but she LOVED it! We are going to have to have a mommy, Annabelle tea party soon!

Later that afternoon we went to my dad and Anita's house. They have a beautiful graden and we decided to see if we could get some pictures of the girls with the pretty flowers.

Annabelle really like the piano at their house. She also really enjoyed playing with my brother! He is so good with the girls! I even got him to change Adleyn's clothes on day for me!

Adleyn got really fussy and I just knew it was her teeth that were bothering her and Anita had some frozen washclothes in her freezer from having her surgery and so she pulled one out and Adleyn went to town! Great idea for teeething!!

After this we went back to the Fishers, the girls got their last bath from Marmie and I packed the car for our long drive home. Hmmm... how do I describe the trip home?! In two words, "not smart." I will not be driving to Memphis by myself with the girls for a long time, not until Adleyn can at least face forward and take snacks but overall I'm still glad I went! It was such a wonderful trip! Thanks Memphis for being such a great place to call home!

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Resisting Perfection said...

Glad you had a great ending to your trip. What sweet tea party pictures too. Layla has that same teal and pink dress.