Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming and Tea Parties

My mom came in town last Wednesday during VBS and we are having so much fun! She is waking up in the night for me which is WONDERFUL!!! :) The other day while Adelyn was taking her morning nap we went outside to swim and we decided to get out the new tea set that sweet Anita sent us. Annabelle LOVED it! It kept her entertained for at least an hour and Brayden (our neighbor) really liked it too! I really like it when he comes to play because Annabelle really likes playing with him. He's the one that thinks Annabelle is his girlfriend; I'm not ready for that!!!

I am so behind on posting but I hope to catch up soon! We took the girls to the movies today to see Toy Story 3! They did so good! They sat there for over half the movie (with a little help from our friend m & m's, popcorn, and icees!) I can't wait to post the pics!

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Resisting Perfection said...

She is so cute in her little swimsuit! I'm amazed you got them to sit through even half the movie ;)