Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I love Sunny Days!

I took some pictures of the girls playing outside today. Ok Annabelle was playing and Adleyn was sitting. :)

I caught Annabelle smiling for a picture..crazy I know :)

Oh and I put them in their little fourth of July onsies today. I just love holidays!!

Sweet Adelyn always loves the camera

Annabelle loves this slide. She can now beg to go "ssside" to "slide." I love it that she is really starting to talk.

Adelyn's face just cracks me up. She is so sweet. She is feeling so much better and literally smiles at least 70% of the time she's awake!

We had a church play date/picnic this morning at one of the 30 parks in Marysville (no lie) and here is Annabelle and her friend Luke swinging together with the baby siblings in the background. My church is so great for so many reasons but one reason I really love it is that there are so many people with little kids and lots with kids really close together like mine!

Adelyn is making sure no one steals the apples. :)

It was a fun day! The trade off for our hard freezing cold winter is amazing summer days. Hot here is nothing like hot in Memphis and I am thankful for the nice, breezy, pretty, sunny days! I'm still not up to par from being sick. I tried to walk tonight and made it 15 minutes before I felt like I was too weak to keep going but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!


Lauren said...

So glad Adelyn's doing better. When you get the energy and free time (ha!) tell us what the Dr.'s are having you do for her. =) Looks like y'all had so much fun in Memphis! Yea for summer.

Laura said...

Sweet girls:) love these pictures:)

Resisting Perfection said...

Sorry you're still not feeling well. The girls look like they were having a blast. I love having a great church family too :)

The Cates Fam said...

your girls are so stinkin' cute!