Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Date Night!

On Saturday night my sweet momma kept the girls so Adam and I could go on a date!

Before we went we attempted to get a family picture. I put all the pictures on here because I just think it is hilarious that it is near impossible to get a picture of everyone looking at the camera and of course I don't even think about everyone smiling! :)

I tried to get a some pictures of the girls. Sweet little Adelyn!

This is my attempt at a picture of Annabelle. She is so funny! I brought a snack and juice out to see if that would help with the photo shoot.

precious kisses

Adelyn just loves the camera these days.

the girlies

me and Adam. I think he's so cute!

We went to Macaroni Grill because we had a gift card there which made it even yummier and then we went to see a movie!! I always want to tell the waitress at Macaroni Grill my story about going into labor the night after I went there to eat with both my babies but Adam wouldn't let me this time! He thinks that it is so weird that I like to tell that story! We had such a great time! I LOVE date nights! Thanks Mom!


Jennifer said...

You look so pretty in the picture! Glad you and Adam were able to enjoy a night out together! I know those kinds of nights are very needed...especially with 2 sweet babies!

Heather Bug said...

I love your hair curled! :)

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Thanks ya'll! You guys are too sweet!!