Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trust in God

So I am sitting here in my car waiting for sick bay to open. I have to be honest because I am a little discouraged right now.

As documented in my last post my intention was to get up thirty minutes early to spend time with the Lord and well that has been next to impossible and it's not that I think I have to follow that rule or else I'm not a good Christian or I think the Lord is mad at me, I am just disappoointed that I couldn't spend that time with Jesus.

Let me bring you up to speed. Three nights ago Adelyn was just having a bad night. (A bad night for Annabelle was like being up for two hours in the middle of the night and going back to bed. A bad night for Adelyn is being up crying pretty much from 10 pm to 5 am even if I'm holding her :( ) Sooooo, bad nights 2 nights in a row nights in a row and then last night at 10 she was screaming so bad she couldn't catch her breathe and I almost took her to the ER to get some meds because I had already given her Tylenol and it didn't even touch the pain cry. Adam talked me out of the ER trip and I'm so glad he did because I am finishing this post at home having been to the dr and they were no help except to say that her ears looked great. Sooooo I am requesting to see GI specialist in hopes of some answers or direction.

All of this to say, my 30 minute mornings have not gone as planned but I was able to read a Psalm before I got out of bed this morning and it was so encouraging. I chose psalm 20 beccause it's the 20th (and Adelyn's 5 month bday!!) and here's what it said "...may the Lord answer you when you are in distress..may he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans suceed...we will shout for joy when you are victorious and lift up our banners in the name of God. May the Lord grant all your requests...we trust in the name of the Lord our God!!" How perfect and God appointed is that message today!! I want you to know, I write about these things because I want to remember. I want to remember what God taught me through the hard times and how he delivered me from them. I write for God to get all the glory from this situation. Please hear my heart in this.

I am not going to beat myself up about not following through with getting up early yet! God knows the desire of my heart and I'm pretty sure Satan knows it too and will do all he can to stop me!

How is it going for ya'll??

Oh and can you please continue to pray for sweet Adelyn and that we will have wisdom and that the doctors will as well. Also that God will just heal her of this pain and whatever is causing it!

Thanks! Can I just say one more time that I love the support of the blog world! :) (I stand corrected, "blog friends" is a better term!!)


AshWad said...

And us "blog world people" (aka - friends) love and appreciate you! Your honesty. Your willingness to share. Your time (to blog). Your heart of gold. All things I appreciate and love about you! Praying for you and for sweet Adelyn!!!

The Edin Family said...

Hi! I wish I could say that my time were going better also. Just had a minor surgery done and it hurts! So I am stuck at home with motrin. ugh. anyways, I will be praying for you and adelyn. I just really really think you should try the elecare or neocate. Atleast a gi doctor would help. His reflux is pretty bad, but as I said he is on the prevacid and axid (was only on prevacid for a while and then on to both because it stopped working.) and then gaviscon (max strength) 2ml every 3 hours NOT to EXCEED 4 times in 24 hours. praying so hard for you all. I totally understand what it feels like...But i think you all will be much happier campers if you try it. Praying so hard!
Love, Leigha

Lauren said...

I cannot imagine what a wreck I would be if I knew Spencer was in pain (screaming ALL night), and no one could figure out what is wrong! Bless your heart. I just said a prayer that your night would go better tonight and that someone can figure out what's causing her discomfort. Hang in there.

Heather said...

Ashley, I think about you all the time and pray, pray, pray that the Lord continues to give you strength and peace ... and that He heals that sweet baby girl so that all involved can have rest! You are an amazing mom :) xo

Nicole said...

You've got a great perspective! How awesome to have that reminder from the Psalms that God is with you, on your side, and He knows what you're going through! He will prevail!

I think God knows that I am lazy and he has had Hannah waking me up at 5 am all week. My intention is to get up at 6:00, but she's been sick so she's been waking up earlier...but I've been having great time with the Lord. Just what I needed. I thank God for your encouragement and accountability! I love the blog world friends as well!! :-)

Ben and Audrey said...

ashley. i hate reading that adelyn is in so much pain. i wish more than anything that there was something i could do to help her & you. i wish i lived near you so i could come over & help you. i really do. i know how horrible reflux can be. ben & i are praying specifically that the doctors can find something to help adelyn get some rest.

i'm praying you get some answers, now. please keep me posted. feel free to call me anytime. seriously. the Lord knows your heart. don't beat yourself up. you are a great mom & i know you love the Lord so much. hang in there girl. i have faith that Adelyn is gonna get better soon. love you SO much!