Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pretty Invitations

I love a getting a pretty invitation. I know that invitations are not a big deal to everyone but I really enjoy getting them and putting them on my fridge! I needed a light post tonight and so I decided to display my invitations from my fridge! I am definitely not doing this so you think I am invited to a bunch of stuff because I'm really not and if anything it is a constant reminder of the sacrifice it is to be here in Ohio and away from close friends and family but I'm supposed to be keeping it light so here are the lovely invitations!

I loooove this wedding invitation It is for Adam's cousin (my cousin in law's) wedding. It is from a seller on Etsy! Soo modern and gorgeous!

This is one of my favorites! My friend Crystal, another invitation lover, made this one for our friend who is getting married in July! Love the green and yellow! Those were my high school colors!

This invite is for my sister in law who tried for two years to have a baby, had a miscarriage, and is now pregnant with a sweet baby girl, Braley! I lhave always been a fan of the pink toile.

Love love love this one! Someone was really creative in making these. I'm not sure who did it but I love the handwriting!

Another invite for my nephew John Ezra! He was born last Friday, 4 1/2 weeks early and I just remembered I have not posted a pic! What am I thinking? I will have to do it tomorrow! Such a cute boy baby shower invite though.

This is a couple at our church. I love the uniqueness of this save the date and I also like the pattern in the background.

This one is old but it was still on my fridge. I think it is too cute! This is one of my best friend's sister's wedding. She married Matt Jones the former Arkansas Razorback quarterback.

The traditional save the date. This is my cousin and his fiancee. I wish so badly I could go to this wedding.

and their traditional wedding invite. Gotta love the traditional invite; you definitely cannot go wrong with it.
Another beautiful traditional invite for a girl I was a Chi Delta with. She is such a sweetheart and so is her big sis!

and last but not least my sweet friend Brit's sister's wedding invite, traditional style. It is in Chicago and believe it or not I think Chicago is only about 4 hours from here and we would love to go but we just can't with everything we got going on these days!

Do you like invitations?? What are some of your favs?


Cara said...

You weren't kidding about your passion for invitations! WOW! I have always loved anything paper. One of my fantasies would be to open a paper shop, full of cards, wrapping paper, flowers because flowers are absolutely necessary, ribbon, etc. I loved all of the invites for different reasons. I am sorry you can't attend all of these events. :(

Lane said...

I LOVE invitations! My brother-in-law is getting married Saturday and I have two close friends getting married soon so we've gotten sooo many invitations to various wedding functions just from these three. It's made going to the mailbox much more fun because there is something other than bills! :) Plus, my fridge has been pretty cute!