Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 5 Month Birthday Adelyn!

Yesterday was Adelyn's 5 month birthday and she took a visit to her favorite place on her bday, the doctor, just kidding but you might think so as much as we go there. I liked both of these pictures and I could not pick one so here are both of them. Annabelle's hand is in the last one which I think is funny; she loves to pull off Adelyn's bows and hats!
Adleyn you still have reflux issues but when you feel good you are sooo laid back and sweet. We can tell you are going to be a very kind natured person. Your blue eyes are just captivating and your smile is just the sweetest.
Adelyn you are sitting up by herself in our laps now but you always put your arms out to balance; it's too cute. You know what your bottle is and reach for it and can hold it by yourself if you want to. :) Adelyn you also giggle if you tickle you and you are starting to get some hair!
You tried her first food this month, carrots, and your sister got jealous and ate some with you. Daddy wasn't home that night and it was a bit crazy but we made it through.
This is Annabelle at 5 months and it is crazy to see how much they look alike and then again how much they don't. For sure if you glance they look alike but I can see so many differences. Annabelle's head was quite a bit bigger. Their eyes are different shapes and so are their noses. They pretty much have the same ears and mouths though!
Adelyn, you are getting soo big. We pray so hard for you every day that you can get better and we have LOTS of other people praying for you too! We love you more than you know! Happy 5 month birthday!

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Beth Ann said...

Both of your girls are just beautiful! You make it look easy :)