Friday, May 7, 2010

A Get Away?!? & Adelyn Laughing :)

Well, I am leaving today for Memphis and then my dad and step mom are driving me and Adelyn to Alabama to see my brother James graduate from college!! How exciting! So, me and Adleyn will be in 4 states today, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, and Alabama! I am so glad that my dad and step mom bought me a plane ticket to go; I just cannot imagine missing such an important event! Also, my mom, stepdad my grandmother, and aunt will be there! How fun! None of these people have had a chance to meet sweet Adelyn yet (except my mom) so I am sooooooooo excited to show her off! :) I hope the plane ride goes ok, everyone knows how that is with a 4 month old. If you don't know from first hand experience, I would assume everyone has been on a plane where a baby is not too happy. Let's pray that that is not me today!

It is also only the second time I have left Annabelle, the first was when I went to the hospital to have Adleyn and kids were not allowed in the hospital because there was so much H1N1 going around here. I did ok then and I think I'll be fine now too. I will probably call Adam A LOT to check on her! This is also Adam's first time keeping Annabelle for a whole day and night. It will really be 2 nghts but only one full day (which I am glad about!) I know I will miss her like crazy! Anyway, I really am so excited! Can't wait to post pics from graduation! Yah James!!

Oh and I couldn't leave today without showing some pics of my girls! Ok, one pic, one video! This is the girls before church on Sunday. Love it how Annabelle is enthrawled with Dora and breakfast! haha. She loves her Dora!This is the best video ever, it is of Adleyn laughing at her Daddy. She for real will not do this for anyone else; she is sooo already a Daddy's girl (but I love it!)

Bye bye for now

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