Friday, April 9, 2010

Visit with Maddie, Stick on Earrings, & Bath time

Today we got to visit baby Maddie and Kim in the hospital! You can tell from these pictures that Maddie is doing so good and everyone is so thankful! God is so good! Maddie still needs your prayers though so keep on praying and check out the updated requests on their blog.

Here is Kim, Maddie, Adelyn, and me. Annabelle did not want to be in the picture and I forgot I have my nursing cover on still haha!
Maddie and Adelyn. They are only about 8 weeks apart. I have a feeling they are going to be good friends one day. :)
My pass to go see Maddie.
The Shman! My tag is hanging out on my necklace. I guess I should cut it off.
Me trying to hold both girls. It was not quite working.
Annabelle found the stick on earrings my mom sent her today. I explained to her what they were and of course she wanted to wear them. I was telling her to show they to me in this picture but she was not very happy because we got in from hanging out at Tuttle Mall (the usual Friday place these days) a little late and she was super sleepy but we always put her in the bath because it's our ritual and I feel like she gets "messed up" if we don't do it.
We put them in the bath together tonight and Annabelle loved to pour water on Adelyn.
So cute! Oh, you can see Annabelle's stick on earring well in this picture. I love them!
It was a good day. We are super thankful that Maddie was doing so well! Tomorrow I am getting my haircut; I am thinking about bangs?! I am also having a baby shower at my house! So exciting! Hope I get to take some pictures!

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Allie said...

I am so happy to see you took the girls to see Maddie. I think by the pics she was happy to see other baby faces. You are a good friend!