Monday, April 19, 2010


Today was an interesting but a good day. Adelyn has been dealing with all of her problems and so I took her back to the doctor to check her ears again and GOOD NEWS she is fine. He said she still has fluid in her ears but as long as I prop her up to sleep she should be ok and it can drain. See part of the problem is the weather here; I know that the weather all around the country is crazy right now but it is SUPER crazy here. One day it's 80 and the next day it gets to 31. Crazy crazy! So, I am blaming the weather on all the crazy ear stuff that is going on with Adelyn. The doctor also said that Adelyn is so big that she is ready for rice cereal on a daily basis! Yeah for Adelyn and for me because I lost my milk with Annabelle at 4 months and we have 1 day to go until Adleyn reaches 4 months and she is definitely getting enough of my milk!!! I was dying to nurse Annabelle for year but it didn't work out so this is such an awesome big deal to me! To sum up the doctor's appointment, Adelyn's ears still have fluid in them but she should be ok without antibiotics, she needs rice cereal to help her sleep at night, I can let her cry it out at night instead of feeding her because she is definitely big enough and doesn't need to eat twice at night. I don't think I am going to let her cry it out yet. I feel like eventually the feeding thing works itself out but I might change my mind soon, who knows! I am soo glad for the great news at the doctor today! Thank you so much for the prayers! I feel like we have had so many people praying for Adelyn and I am so thankful; I can definitely feel it!

Here is the sweet baby at the doctor. They loved her bow! :) My doctor even took a business card home to his wife.

After we picked up Annabelle from Jennifer's (Thank you Jennifer!!!) we went to visit Daddy at work. I had never seen his new office. It is a lot bigger.
When Daddy came home we played outside. Adam's haircut is really growing on me! I usually love his hair longer because it's curly and I think it's cute but I think I'm really liking his hair these days.

and we went on a family walk to the school close to us to play on the playground. I know a goofy picture. :) I love it when we get to spend time together as a family! I am praying sweet Adelyn sleeps tonight and that things only get better from here!

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Ben and Audrey said...

love you girl!

i know exactly what you are going through with adelyn. jovie is having a rough rough time with her reflux. she is sleeping at night but she spits up SO much.

lets have a phone date soon! love you!