Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Test Results, The Shmanz & Comparison Shot

So today we found out that the GI/bottle test and the ultrasound came back normal! Praise the Lord! We are still waiting on blood work and we should know by tomorrow morning but you know how those things go, you just never know. We are sooo thankful there is nothing seriously wrong with Adelyn's anatomy. As I sit here typing this the night is starting out typical. Adleyn would not go to sleep and finally did about thirty minutes ago and just started crying again on the monitor. So frusterating, but at least I have hope that we are going to get this problem solved soon. I cannot tell what happened, whether it be the new medicine, me not eating dairy or all the prayers, but Adelyn only had two bad spit up/throw ups today and that is a drastic change from how our days noramlly go so thanks sooo mcuh for the prayers. I know God heard them. I will definitly keep everyone posted on the situation. Oh and here is a picture of Annabelle in my cowboy boots today. I know it's not a great picture but it was soo hilarious if you could have seen her begging me to help her put them on and then trying to walk. She is so funny!

Oh and the picture of Adelyn in the car seat yesterday kept reminding me of this picture of Annabelle and so I looked it up and here it is. I definitly think they look like sisters!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley,
I have been reading your blog to follow Adelyn's progress. I wanted to tell you that we had a similar experience with our daughter. I continued to nurse her, but her pediatrician put her on a formula made by Similac called Allimentum. Is is expensive and she was only on it for a couple of months, but it made all the difference. It is pre-digested protein. She did not want a bottle either, at first, but we experimented with different ones until we found one she would take. I hope your little girl starts to improve.

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Thank you so much for writing! We are going back to the dr tomorrow and I will make sure to mention that to him. I'm going in with all kinds of thoughts, questions, znd suggestions. I appreciate you taking time to comment. :)

The Edin Family said...

Hi! I have been following your blog and have tried to comment a few times..but my son kept waking up. :) I totally understand what you are going through. My son has GERD and sleeps for about 30min and then wakes up at night or during the day. It is really difficult,not the baby the condition. The doctor said that he is allergic to the protiens in my milk and that I should put him on a hydro.(no milk, soy or gluten protein, they are broken down super small to be digested easier.) formula. I have been nursing him since birth and I was not willing to totally switch to formula/bottle feeding (he never took a bottle until he was 8months was tough). He takes one, maybe two, bottles a day of elecare (the other one is called neocate, those are the only two that are completely broken down) and i nurse him the rest. He is also on prevacid, gaviscon and sometimes axid. I was not excited about putting him on all of those meds, but he really needed them. I have also taken dairy, soy and wheat out of my diet. I would say he is doing ok. He is just starting to sleep a little better. He still wakes about every thirty...sometimes in the middle of the night he will sleep 2 hours. I am choosing to continue nursing him. Will you please keep me updated on what your doctor says? We have two GI specialists (one at all childrens hospital) and our ped. but I would like to know what your dr says. :) Feel free to email me anytime! I totally understand what you are going through. Praying for Adelyn and your family. Praying you all get good sleep tonight and that her belly feels better soon! Oh! This wonderful woman gave me the name of a book to read written by a GI doctor if you would like it let me know! Praying!

Lauren said...

I saw that some other people have mentioned this to you already, but I thought I'd chime. Spencer would not sleep on his back for any length of time either, after he was about a month old. When it got so bad that he would only sleep on my chest (while I was exhausted and not able to sleep, but would drift in and out) I decided that this set up was dangerous. I was afraid he was going to fall off if I ever actually fell asleep.
I had been letting him nap on his tummy as a newborn when I would fold laundry or talk with friends sitting right there next to him, so I didn't just do it all of a sudden one night (I've read that is a total "no no"). It made a huge difference to him (he would wake up once or twice to each at night until about 6 or 7 months, and then wake up once a night until 1 year). He was not diagnosed with reflux until 6 months, and the meds might have helped him sleep on his back, but I have read that reflux babies sleep better on their tummies. You can buy a monitor that goes off if they stop breathing. Might be worth it.
I am praying for y'all tonight. You are the exact mommy she needs, even in this.

Ben and Audrey said...

i gave you a blog award!

Ben and Audrey said...

hey girl. jack was on the alimentum formula too for awhile. it worked for him. praying for you!

p.s. i gave you a blog award!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Edin Family

I just wrote a new post about what the doctor told us. He believes it may be a lactose intolerance issue. I with he could have found it earlier as we have been going through this for a couple months but it is not for sure that this is the problem yet?! I read some of your blog. I am so sorry you have had to go through all of this! I will definitely be praying for you and your family. Your patience amazes me!


I have started putting Adelyn on her side and I think she likes it a lot. I might try tummy soon because she can roll over and hold her head up. I definitely don't think it is as big of a deal as what they make it out to be (I could be wrong?!) You have to do hat you think is best as a mom, you know? Obviously you do, you seem like a wonderful mom.

Thank you both for commenting. I am so thankful for the blog community and the chance to share and relate to and with other moms! I appreciate all of you!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Oh and Audrey, thanks for the award! I keep wondering why people give these to me!?! but I appreciate it! Hope you have a good day with sweet Jovie; I am praying she will nap. I remember Annabelle did not nap well in the day until about 7 months. Was Jack like that??