Friday, April 2, 2010


We have had a good week so far! Here are a few pictures. My batteries died in my camera and so most of these were taken with my phone.

This is sweet little Adelyn. We put her in the jumper this week for the first time and she loves it. She doesn't jump yet but she loves to hang over the edge and watch Annabelle do whatever Annabelle does. Annabelle also loves to come and take Adelyn's hands and "help" her play with the things on the jumper. It is so cute!
These are my sweet babies after their naps. I put them in the rocker in Adelyn's room and I was rocking them and singing to them. Annabelle kept leaning on Adelyn; I think she just wanted to be close to her because I kept pushing her back to her side but she kept leaning back on her.
Daddy and Annabelle walking outside, handing out door hangers for our church's Easter service.
Adam has been SUPER busy and so we went to his work and had a picnic with him for about 15 minutes one day. It was a great 15 minutes though!!

Mary Emily's (also known as Maly or Merm) birthday was on Thursday and so her and Ryley came over and we celebrated with homemade brownies! I love specail friends; they make life so much better.

This is me and Merm on her birthday 4 years ago and yes her birthday is also her anniversary! Now we have 3 almost 4 kids between us and we both live in Ohio. Crazy how time flies and what happens in the mean time! That's all for now; tomorrow we are planning on going to an Easter egg hunt and I am really excited for Annabelle. I just know she is going to have a fun time!


afitfoodie said...

I LOVE that plaid shirt you have on! Where did you get it?! I need it!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

hey Lauren, I got it at Forever 21 last year! I don't know if they still have it or not? I hope so for you!