Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marmie and PapaDaddy come to town!

Marmie and PapaDaddy made the 10 hour car trip to see us last week. It was a good visit. On Tuesday we went to the zoo but it was only open another 45 minutes from when we got there and so we went back home. :( On Wednesday, the girls went to biblestudy and the park and the boys ran errands. Wednesday night we also had a prayer time for Mr. Dempsey. He lost his job last week and was put in a hard cast all in the same day. It was a really sweet family time. I did not take a lot of pictures but here are the ones I did take.

Marmie and Annabelle at the park. Annabelle is really starting to figure things out; I'm so proud of her! I have Annabelle in those pants because she falls down a lot and it breaks my heart when she skins her knees! I know it's going to happen but if I can prevent it I want to for sure!Annabelle was scared to death of this green dinosaur thing.
PapaDaddy with his girls.
Marmie and Annabelle
Marmie and Annabelle decided to decorate some cookies. Annabelle looved the icing like her mama.
Cute cookies
Adelyn decided to join in on the action. Mommy thought it was a good idea to strip down to save the clothes from getting icing on them.
What a fun idea Marmie!! The cookies sure were yummy!

Thanks for visiting Marmie and PapaDaddy! We love you and hope to see you again soon!

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