Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 4 Month Birthday Adelyn!

Sweet Adelyn is 4 months today! To say we are glad she is ours is an understatement. Look at this sweet smile!
Right now Adelyn is learning to grab things in front of her and she is trying so hard to sit up like her big sister. She is still struggling with reflux and sleeping but overall she is a very happy and smiley baby. She also laughs at us all the time (like in this video) and we love it! Her favorite person is her daddy and always has been; she stares and smiles at him more than anybody else.We got for Adelyn's four month check up next Friday so I'll post her stats then.I thought it was appropriate that we take Adelyn's 4 month pictures with her sister Annabelle in the glider for two reasons. First, we have spent a lot of time here in the last month and second, when I don't know what to do with these two or the are fussy I put them both in this glider and I sit on the foot stool and I rock them and sing to them. They love it and it always calms them down.
After I was finished taking pictures, I put Adelyn down for a nap and Annabelle wanted to get in the baby swing. It is so funny that Annabelle wants to get in every baby thing we have and she is still small enough to of it most of the time so I let her. She loved it. She sat and swung for almost 30 minutes eating her snack. :)For comparison purposes I posted the top picture again, the left is Adleyn and the right is Annabelle. I think they look more and more different the older they get.

but their sweet little baby bathtub rolls look exactly the same and I love it!!


Ben and Audrey said...

i just love your girls. they are so precious. happy 4 months to sweet adelyn.

mamafisher5b said...

I LOVED all of these pictures and your blog!!! We are blessed beyond measure with our kids, their spouses, and our grandkids!! Love y'all lots!!! Marmie :)

mamafisher5b said...

I LOVED looking at all of the new pictures!! We are blessed beyond measure with our boys, their wives, and our grandkids!!! Love y'all lots, Marmie :)