Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Praise the Lord; Jesus Rose from the dead! This is why we are so different from other religions; the God we worship is ALIVE!!! How awesome! I did not hear much of the sermon today (long and funny story.) Ok, I was not going to tell the story but it is a funny memory so here goes. My mom bought me this gorgeous purple dress from the Limited. I was so excited about wearing it but I forgot that it zipped up the side and I couldn't nurse unless I completely took it off sooooooo in between singing in the beginning of the service and singing in the invitation I went to the bathroom and took off my dress and locked myself in the stall and nursed. haha. Everyone that came in to go the bathroom saw my dress hanging over the stall said, "Is that you Ashley?" haha! Ok so back to what I was saying, one of the things that I did hear that stood out to me in the service was a comment about how people can argue about religion and theology but you cannot argue with a changed life! Amen! Jesus changed my life 21 years ago and nobody can take that away from me!

So we had a good Easter today! These pics are from this morning before we went to church. We had to be there at 8:30 which was a HUGE challenge for us and so Annabelle wasn't feeling the love today and of course Adelyn is just hanging out like Adelyn does :)
Sad but cute
Annabelle looooved Easter eggs. She kept saying, "eeeehhh" for egg.

Sweet Adelyn ready to go.
We had an Easter egg hunt after church and these are the pictures from that. Annabelle did not care about getting lots of eggs but she really wanted to open each one of them to get the candy out right when she picked it up.

Annabelle and her friend Fraya.

The only shot I got of my pretty purple dress and of me and either one of the girls! :( I assure you I will be wearing this dress again; I loved it and it fit great!
Sweet girls outside...funny pictures

Kisses and Hugs

Annabelle playing at our neighbors house. They have a huge blow up jumpy thing! So fun! This little boy's name is Brayden. His parents say that Brayden thinks Annabelle is his girlfriend. They told us that he said she is pretty! :)

The Easter baskets from left to right Adam's, Annabelle's, and Adelyn's.

My Easter basket from Adam :)
We went to the Armstrong's today for lunch, no pictures :(. Please please be in prayer for their family. Their daughter, Maddie Faith, who is 5 months old is having open heart surgery tomorrow. You can read about the situation and their family on their blog; she will be posting updates. I know their family would really appreciate your prayers!


Lindsey said...

such great pictures! Happy Easter!!

Jenn said...

Aww I love their matching outfits! Hope ya'll had a great Easter :)

Heather said...

The Easter dresses are too cute, Ashley!!!