Friday, March 19, 2010

Smiles Galore!

So, I took a LOT of pictures today! It was a good day! We just started putting Adelyn in the Boppy and she is sooo cute in it!
and here is sweet Annabelle giving her kisses and hugs!

and then we went to the park! I love our neighborhood because there are playgrounds galore but this one is my favorite right now because of the baby swings!

Adelyn was just chilling while Annabelle played
Then she woke up and I decided to swing her and she loooved it!
and here is AB in the other baby swing. She didn't like this one as much.
She might look happy in this picture but I assure you she was not :( She is too independant these days to swing with me.
love this one
and Daddy with his baby girl

After this we went to the mall and Annabelle got compliments on her outfit! (I can't take credit it's from Marmie!) and now we are at home watching LOST! My mom is coming tomorrow! The funny thing is I thought it was today....I am THAT crazy (or sleep deprived) right now! So excited to see her tomorrow!!!!!!!

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