Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleeping, Pretty Dresses & Wonderful People

So this is my third post today! There is just so much to post about today. We also had a wonderful bible study last night but I am going to save my notes on that for another day this week.

So yesterday was time change Sunday and I had to wake both of the girls up! Not a fan of doing this by the way but I know it has to be done sometimes! I never ever see what Annabelle looks like sleeping because we do not go in her room if she sleeping for fear of waking her up so when I went in that morning she was so adorable I had to run and get my camera! So sweet!

The funny (not so funny) thing about this picture to me though is that you can see all the claw and teeth marks on the bed from when I guess I made her "cry it out." :(
So, I have to be at church at 9:00 to practice our songs and then the service starts at 10:00. Adam is the worship leader right; well, this week sickness hit our home and I lost my voice and then Adam got what I had and he lost his voice so I had to actually sing most of the songs on Sunday morning instead of him, which usually wouldn't be that big of a deal but since I am nursing it gets difficult to nurse at the right time to practice and sing especially since Adelyn just will not take a bottle and there is no nursery until 10:00. It just so happened that I needed to nurse at 9:30 this morning and since I was leading a lot of songs I had to practice soooo we came up with the solution that I would take my mic in the bathroom where I could hear the music and I would sing from there. This was hilarious, definitly a memory!

I had to take these pictures of Adelyn this morning because my sweet mama Jill gave Annabelle this adorbale dress! Mama Jill is an amazing woman that I really grew to love at First Baptist Church in Olive Branch while Adam was on staff there. She was one of the first friends I made there and she took me in as a friend and adopted daughter while I was there and I could never thank her enough for all the support she gave me during that time in my life!! We miss you mama Jill!!

We are still trying to adjust to the time change; it is difficult for us! How are you guys dealig with the time change?


Heather said...

Annabelle and Adelyn and those BOWS!!! Oh my goodhess, they are so sweet! You know what they say down here in the South, Ashley ... the bigger the better ;) Keep up the good work!

Allie said...

When Sadie was that little time change was so hard, it always took most of the week to adjust. It gets better as they get older is all I can tell you. Annabelle was so cute while you were singing in the bathroom she could hear you but not see you. She would just look around in amazement like a voice from above was calling to her.

The Bells said...

So glad you found my blog, and now I've found yours! Your girls are precious. Love that you sang from the bathroom while you had some good acoustics! I used to nurse in the back of the pharmacy after I went back to work. I would wear a cover (aka "hooter hider") and my techs would bring me prescriptions to check. Awkward! Haha! As for the time change, I did NOT wake Z up! I'm liking the new 7:30am wake-up time waaaaaay better than 6:30am!