Thursday, March 11, 2010

Playdate and Poo Poo

Today I successfully hosted a play date with 6 kids 2 and under! It was crazy and sooo much fun! I just love having people come over to our house and so does Annabelle! I think it is important for Annabelle to learn to share her toys and I am happy to say that she did a good job today! Way to go Annabelle!!

I would love to show you pictures but I took none because I had my hands full (in a good way!)

Also, Annabelle pooped on me today! Ha! It was after Adam got home an he was sooo grossed out an I totally was not fazed at all and then about 30 minutes later Annabelle pooped on Adam and he freaked out!! It was hilarious!! On the subject of poo poo, here is a video about just that!

Right now I am listening to Annabelle in the monitor (we just put her to sleep) saying "ya ya", "ya ya" which in Annabelle language means either ,"I love you" or lovie doll (so sweet!) I just had to share! :)

I have some random pics from this week to post

Sweet Adelyn sleeping in our bed

More of Annabelle playing outside

Adelyn's headband over her eyes! This always happens!

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