Monday, March 1, 2010

My New "To Do" List

Adam, Annabelle, Adelyn, and I ventured out to Columbus to Lifepoint Church last night where my cousin Angie's husband Dean Fulks is the pastor. We had such a great time for so many reasons! First, we got to worship the Lord! with a bunch of Christians which is always a joy! It was also great to see my family! They are way to close and yet so far away. I wish we got to see them more often but being in the ministry, Dean actually being a pastor, and us having small children just doesn't allow for that much time to travel to see each other. (I know travel in this case is 45 minutes but still....a car ride can seem like an eternity with small children!)

Anyway, it is always great for Adam and I to get to sit back and worship and not have to be the leaders. Now, please don't get me wrong I looooove leading worship and obviously Adam does too or it would not be his job, but it is just nice to sit back and maybe not even have to sing and be able to worship without leading! It was a wonderful service filled with worship! It was super loud which I love because I love being able to sing super loud and not think anyone can really hear me! It's such a silly thing to like but it's just my favorite! The message was also sooo good. It was from Eccesiates about Solomon and how he had everything he could ever want and much more and in the end of trying everything outside of God he was still so dissatified. Dean talked about how this can play out in our culture today; he said that today it's all about power and pleasure. Most of us will just live mediocure life where we have a little bit of power and some pleasure but for some reason we indulge in the little bit of these things that we have instead of delving into our relationship with God. I thought about my own life and how this could apply to me and it is sooo true for me sometimes. I choose to indulge in the power that I have over my household, as in, I have a "To Do" list for the day, and if I get it all done, have dinner on the table, change 20 dirty diapers, and I'm still happy at the end of the day, I feel powerful. I feel like I have everything under control and it sends me into not trusting, relying, and focusing on the Lord. He should be the focus of my day and not my list and how I feel when I accomplish it. I love those "ahh ha" moments in life. The Lord really told me that I need to ask Him what I need to do in the morning while I am making my lists. This allows Him to be control of my day and not me. I pray the Lord allows me to remember this lesson He has taught me in spite of my huge lack of sleep :)

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