Friday, March 26, 2010

Momski comes to town!

Soooo my Mom has been in town all week and let me just say, we had such an amazing time together! I had not seen her since January 1st and it had just been way too long! As those of you who have kids know, your relationship with your mom changes when you have kids or at least mine did. I suddenly realized what she had to do to raise me and just appreciated her a lot more!! Plus, when Momski comes to town I get a break! Yeah for breaks!!!! So here is a recap of our eventful time together!

We went to church, took naps :), and then went to small group! It was sooo nice to have help with the girls on Sunday morning!

Annabelle loves her princess cup in the morning

I took sweet little Adelyn to the doctor to change reflux medicines, took a looooong and much needed nap and our outing was to Walmart to get groceries for the week and to Papa Murphey's for Pizza!!

On the way to the doctor
We had some fun with stickers :)

sweet baby doll

only picture of does that happen?
Shman and her string cheese

We went to the mall to go shopping for Easter dresses! The girls got matching green dresses from my favorite brand "first impressions." I got a bright purple dress from The Limited! Can't wait to post pictures of our outfits! :) I wanted to get Adam a shirt to coordinate us but he absolutley refused and said he was wearing nothing special for Easter! (He loves that our church is casual and that's him so that's fine with me!)

Annabelle=obsessed with lip gloss

The little play place at the mall! She was loving it!

Funny face but she looooved looking at herself in the mirror with this headband on...haha

We went to our Motherwise Bible Study. It was sooo good! Then, we all ate lunch and them mom gave me some money to get some spring clothes for me and the girls so off Adelyn and I went (I had to take her because I went to a mall that's 45 minutes away and I wanted to take my time instead of hurrying back to nurse!) Adelyn did so great! She loves to stroll so it was fun! Then, I came home and went walking with some ladies and raced off to youth group! I never get to go because I stay home with the girls so it was fun to see what Adam does on Wednesday nights.

Mom, Annabelle, Adelyn and I headed to story time at the library only to find out that it was canceled so we went to a Chinese restaurant. Then, we came home, took naps with the girls, and then we went to Once Upon a Child and the mall! Annabelle got some really fun new stuff from Lala!

Annabelle hardly ever uses a paci anymore but with Lala here she wanted it more which is ok with me! Whatever works right?!
So kissable is right little AdelynSweet sleeping baby

and smiley baby

Annabelle at Once Upon A Child playing dress up and pulling her new backpack! How fun!
Annabelle also = obsessed with Dora!Annabelle and Daddy playing! She got a shopping cart at this store and loves to come I'm sure!
I spent the day cleaning, switching out winter and summer clothes (don't know why really though because it snowed all last night) and doing laundry etc while mom watched the girls. It was so nice to not have to clean at night when they are sleeping! Then, I said goodbye to my sweet Momski :(

Thank you Momski for such a wonderful visit! I cannot wait till this summer when she comes to stay for 2 weeks!

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