Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day!!

These are the cupcakes from bible study today. Don't worry I didn't eat it.....yet! It is from my favorite bakery in town! It is in my fridge for now! :) Why even pick up such a temptation you ask? I couldn't resist...what can I say? Doesn't it look delish?!

Yesterday we had a play date with some of our favorite friends Ryley and Merm. Annabelle and Ryley are learning to share better every time and that makes us so excited! Here is their picture! Ryley is so tall! :) We are so blessed to have all of Ryley's hand me downs! We love the way she dresses and so we love wearing her clothes! The dress Annabelle has on is Ryley's old dress! These pics are funny oh and Annabelle and Ryley wanted Annabelle to wear two bows! haha!

Here is Annabelle a little bit later outside while Adelyn was sleeping! We LOVE playing outside!

Also this is Annabelle the other day playing with lip gloss! She is already so girly just like her mommy and I love it!!

We are in this stage where everything is soooooo messy! Can any of you moms out there relate?! I know all kids are messy so I am not complaining just saying. :) I feel like every time Annabelle eats I could change her clothes but I don't want to always feed her because she needs to learn is Annabelle eating spagetti naked and daddy holding sweet Adelyn.

And this is a picture from today! Oh dear it was a mess! I learned that I absolutely cannot nurse while trying to give Annabelle lunch! It just doesn't work! I lost all control today and this picture sure does not do the situation justice! Luckily Adam was on his way home and could help me clean Annabelle up because I had to nurse.

I will lighten up about all the messes one day.....right?!


Lauren said...

Hi, Ashley,
I found your blog off of Emily Blackwell's. I went to OBU too. I think I knew you tangentially. All that to say, I have a 15 month old little boy and YES things are always so MESSY! I'm like you, I know he needs to learn...but man! Everyone laughed at us at a birthday party last weekend, because they had very heavily iced cupcakes for the kids to eat, so I took off his shirt. =) It's not worth all the stain removal. Your girls are precious.

lujacal said...

Ashley you should have seen my lucy at annabelle's age she'd be covered head to toe in whatever she was eating!!! As far as lightening up about the messes goes, before I had my third baby Calvin, Lucy's hair was always done and Jackie's face was always clean, but no more. It's all I can do to get them dressed, but honestly I think it's cute when they go outside and come in looking like wild things! I just figure they get a bath everynight so at least for 10 hours or so they are clean, unless they wet the bed of course.