Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Date Night! Whoooohoooo!!!!!

Last night, Adam and I got to go on the first date we have been on in 3 months!!!!!! yah!!!! We simply cannot go on dates for many reasons and it has nothing to do with not making each other a priority. AAAnnnnnyyyywwwwaaayyy, my mom is here this week and she really wanted us to go on a date while she was here to babysit and so we just went out to dinner and it was sooooo nice. This is the first time I have been anywhere without a child (expect going to the grocery store) in three months!!! Wow!

I told Adam to pick where we were going and as our relationship goes, he gave me three choices: Panara Bread (my fav here!!), Chili's, or Mac Grill and guess what I picked Mac Grill! I looooooove Macaroni Grill! The night I went into labor with Annabelle Adam and I ate at Mac Grill and the night I went into labor with Adelyn we ate there too and both times I ate the same thing and I went into labor in the middle of the night at about 2 o'clock! Funny huh!

I always get the create your own pasta with whole wheat pasta, shrimp and grilled chicken, mushrooms, spinach, and brocolli with pesto sauce on the side! My mouth is watering just typing this!

Date night was the best time I have had in a really long time! Thanks Momski!

Us with Annabelle right before we left

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lujacal said...

girl 3 months is too long!!!! me and bryan having been really trying to go out at least every two weeks, although until last week I did have to take calvin since he was so young. If you have to trade nights with james and maley or someone else who lives close! You guys can handle all of them, the other day I traded work out slots with a friend. She has three kids and I have three kids, it was a little crazy but worth it!