Thursday, March 18, 2010


So yesterday Adam, Adelyn, Annabelle and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. We would really like to meet more of our neighbors in hopes of inviting them to church and ultimately sharing the gospel. See here in the winter people hibernate; you never ever see anyone out of their house unless they are having to shovel their driveways from the snow. Anyway, so we were out walking and Annabelle was just dying to push the stroller that Adelyn was in from the bottom but Adam and I knew that if she did this inevitably she was going to fall. It was her first day to wear shorts and so I knew she was going to skin her knees if she didn't let me hold her hand and help her. Well, she did. Her first little skinned knees of many I'm sure but I was still sad about it
. video

It really reminded me of my relationship with Christ and how I try to take control when it is really not the best for me and just as I am watching Annabelle and it breaking my heart that she wouldn't let me help her because I know she will get hurt, God probably does the same thing with me. This is a good lesson for me seeing as I really like to be in control!

I feel like the Lord is really working in my life right now. I cannot wait to post about some thoughts on the Motherwise study I am doing! Ohh and my mom is coming! yep! She's coming and I am beyond excited! I have not seen her since New Years Day which means she has not seen Adelyn since then either and Adelyn has changed soooo much! We are going to have a great time! Yeah!

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