Saturday, March 6, 2010


My sweet best friend Brittney came to visit again with her sweet little Presley! Rachel was supposed to come but ended up getting the rota virus and couldn't make it! The airlines even gave her a credit to come another time which I am sooo glad about! Here we are with our babies (Annabelle had opted out of this picture)

The three girls
The little babies
Sweet momma and her precious baby
I looove that smile and those arm rolls :)
Brittney reading to Annabelle. She was definitely Annabelle's favorite person these two days!

I gave Annabelle a bowl with a little bit of flour in it while I was cooking and she ate it! I didn't think plain flour would be good but she sure thought so!

Brit took a picture of our family. I'm a huge fan of family pics, can you tell??
Oh and this is one of my favorites! Annabelle sat in my lap for a whole 30 minutes and ate! I loooooved snuggling with her!

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