Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Prep

If you know me you know that I love holidays and especially birthdays! I get more and more excited the older Annabelle gets and understands about celebrating holidays! This year I have some special treats planned for Valentines's Day, Saturday and Sunday (Saturday bc Sundays are always so crazy!) As a stay at home mom I am constantly trying to find fun things for us to do and being a stay at home mom with a new baby and a winter in Ohio makes this a challenge. I really cannot get out very much at all so I have to try to be creative. So, as you saw on an older post, I got the "magic" markers that only color on the coloring book it came with and I have been looking forward to getting some magnets I asked my mom to send for Annabelle to play with while I am cooking etc. I thought it would be fun for Annabelle and me to make Valentine's this year and so we spent yesterday morning doing just that! It was fun! No markers for Annabelle yet but she got to put on all the stickers which she loved! It was really fun and took a long time which was perfect! Here are some pics:
This is an example of our cards we made

Annabelle sticking on the stickers

Adelyn's activities...she looks like she's getting bigger...yeah!!

After lunch we made snow ice cream and Annabelle loved it!
What a fun inside day!

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brittney said...

You are so creative!!! I need to remember some of these things for when pk gets older!