Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Our family had an amazing Valentine's Day. Adam went out of his way to make it special and I really appreciated it! He even cleaned some for me! Adam asked if I wanted to go on a date and surprisingly I said no but here's why: We would have to take Adelyn because I am nursing and she is unpredictable and sometimes eats every hour. (Yeah I know at one time in my life I thought you could get all babies on schedules but I was yet again proven wrong as a mom.....being a mom is constant humbling experience what can I say!) Also, we would have to get a sitter for Annabelle and have to get someone to put her to sleep etc, just not a good idea. These are the times that we wish we lived near grandparents :) So here is our Valentine's day in pictures!

My purple flowers (my favorite color!)
My homemade card and chocolate covered strawberries (my fav food!)

Annabelle opening all her valentines and eating her breakfast. I loove her sleepy eyes! So cute!

Annabelle's pink heart shaped pancakes :)

Adam being Adam and opening his valentines

Annabelle's lunch and her heart shaped pb and j

Me and Annabelle cooking Daddy's favorite meal right now, chicken and dumplings! Annabelle not so happy that she doesn't have mommy's undivided attention.and here they are all finished

Daddy's other favorite, homemade cinnamon rolls! (I didn't roll them up tight enough so that's why they are funny looking)Me and the girls in their matching outfits! I love it! Annabelle of course will not cooperate. Adelyn's face is priceless!!

Sweet babies!

I think it was the best Valentine's Day I have ever had. I loved making heart things for Annabelle all day long and I love Adam so much; he is a wonderful husband and father!!


Heather Bug said...

Aww, thank you so so much for the sweet compliment you left me on my blog! :) Y'all are the cutest Valentine family EVER!!!

Lauren said...

Your dumplings look amazing! Mine always seem to go to mush!