Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Clothes!

Somehow, the girls and I matched yesterday for church. Now believe me, I would definitely fess up if I had done this on purpose, I didn't but I loved it anyhow!! We had a great day worshiping at church, Adam went to our baptism service while I stayed with the napping girls and then we had small group. We are really enjoying our small group. We even stuck around just talking for forever, everyone just gets along so well!! So here are our pics from yesterday!

Before church

The bow I made for Annabelle. I'm not sure if these will go on my site or not.
Sweet Adelyn

Me and the girls
me and shmad

I don't know why my camera was so fuzzy. Oh well! I wish I could write more about small group because I know the lesson was awesome tonight but I did not get to listen to it because of the girls! Oh well; I'll just have to borrow the DVD sometime because I missed the first couple and these lessons are just too good for me to let them slip by!

Ohhh and I have totally been cheating on my no desserts since Valentines day completely threw me off!! I have got to get back on the bandwagon I have still got a ways to go to lose these last lbs! aaannnnddd I was trying to give up white bread or white flour for lent, not because I'm Catholic but mostly bc I like a good challenge and discipline but I caught myself eating wheat thins and those definitly have white flour and I can't go without my wheat thins so I guess in a way I give up. I am still going to try no white flour except wheat thins (I know it doesn't really count then...ha!) oh well!


Cara said...

I love Adelyn's shoes. I admit I also love when we all match...even Scott! I love Wheat Thins and wish I had the willpower you seem to have. Awesome job on the bows! Check out as she has tutorials on hair goodies (she has a specific obsession with headbands). Keep smiling girlie!

Brittney said...

You are beautiful! shmad and shman are SO lucky to have you as their mom!