Sunday, February 7, 2010

Small Group and Superbowl Activities

So yesterday church was canceled. I was sad :( We usually do not cancel things around here when it snows but it was a huge snow and we have trailers that bring the sound equipment to and from church etc and so the pastor decided that it was not wise to have church. We stayed in yesterday but we still had our small group last night and so we went to that.

Me, Adelyn, Jen, baby Abby, and Kendra
Me and Adam
Marmie, Annabelle, baby Abby, and Jen

Me and sweet Adelyn

We did not get to do our bible study because the DVD player wouldn't work soooo we prayed instead, which was great!

Then we came home to watch the super bowl.

Adelyn loved watching football with her PapaDaddy!Instead of watching it (besides the commercials sometimes) this is what I did!

Cooked homemade granola (from a recipe on Cara's blog)

I made two batches, one for me and one with craisen's for Mrs. Jennifer to take home

Then, I got started on my sewing machine! It is awesome! It is a sewing machine with embroidery capabilities! I am so excited to start sewing and monogramming for the girls!

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Rachel said...

This is great! I just got a sewing machine for Christmas too...and have yet to break it out of its box. I guess I'll have to wait for house guests/babysitters too! They are the best, I agree. :)