Monday, February 1, 2010

Living as the wise & not the unwise

We have had an interesting weekend. Adam and I have pulled two all nighters this weekend. In college this might have been a good fun thing spending time goofing off with my friends or practicing Tiger Tunes :) but these were not that kind of all nighters, these were crying baby all nighters. We think Annabelle is teething, she has a couple more molars to get and Adelyn is a baby so what can you expect?!? All and all I know one day I'll look back and wish for the girls to be this small again so I am going to try to not complain and rely on the Lord to give me the perserverance to make it through!

Tonight we had small group and like I said a few posts ago I am loving it! I am going to try to explain what I have been learning but remember I have crazy baby all nighters brain so if it doesn't make complete sense you will know why!

Anyway, It ended up being a pretty good weekend! I still have the Miss America paegent and 19 Kids and Counting that are sitting on my DVR waiting to be watched and I am pumped about Marmie (my MIL) coming to visit on Wednesday!!! What an awesome help she is; I am soo thankful for her!!! I plan on cleaning out and organizing a few things, putting all my maternity clothes away and finally working with my sewing machine!! How exciting!

Before I go I have to post some pics from this weekend!

My big girl!

My little girl is getting so big so fast!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ash! I watched the Miss American pageant this weekend and was sure you were watching it, too. I'm so sorry you were up TWO NIGHTS. Ugh! At least you have two perfect little girls to show for it. Thanks for the pics. Love you so much!