Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I love Playdates!

It has been a good day! We were able to get out twice today even if it was snowing all day, it wasn't bad enough to keep us in. When I first had Adelyn everyone said it would get easier after a few months and I have to admit there were a few times I really didn't believe them, but I do now, things get easier every single day and I am soooo thankful for that!

This morning we made a play date with Merm and Ryley (or Mary Emily as most people call her, my nickname for her is a long story for another time.) We went out to their house and I have to say that the snow was beautiful out in the country. I can't believe I am saying that snow is pretty at this point, having 30 inches this month but it truly was gorgeous. There is just something about it that was so peaceful on my drive this morning.

Anyway, at the Moseley's house they have this play area in their basement. I have to explain for a second, every house here in the north has a basement. It is just how the houses are. My guess is that they figured out that a) it's tons of extra storage and b) it's a great place for kids to play in the winter that lasts so long and is too cold to get out. Pretty smart in my opinion. Adam, the handy man, is working on finishing ours right now and I am excited about that. I have been meaning to post pics of his progress for a while. I need to do that. AAAnnnnnnyyyywwaaaayyy, we played in the basement this morning it was so fun. Annabelle is finally big enough to really play with Ryley which makes it fun for them and me and Merm!

I have to say the pics are not the greatest today bit that's ok at least I took them I am telling myself :)

This is them playing. Annabelle has a fake hot dog in her mouth?!

Merm helping Annabelle down the slide! (I was trying to get Adelyn to go to sleep. I wasn't torturing the pregnant girl on purpose.)

Then Merm let them jump on the guest bedroom bed and they had sooo much fun. I had to pry Annabelle off the bed to leave to go eat lunch!

Adam does youth on Wednesday nights so he gets to come home from work a little early to be with us before he goes for the night and this is him and Adelyn, so sweet!
Lastly, I ventured out and went to Walmart tonight. We din't need a whole lot so I thought it would be a good time to try to take both of the girls. Yes, I am now that lady with the HUGE cart and the screaming kids at Walmart! :) It went well though. I think Annabelle liked sitting in the big girl seat and it didn't hurt that I gave her a sucker for each hand!! Note to self: no more blue suckers, blue gunk is everywhere now! I was so glad it went well though, I just need the confidence to know I can do it and I got that tonight!

It seems like it was only yesterday that Annabelle rode in the cart sitting up without the car seat for the first time....time just reminds me to really enjoy every minute (I can! :) )

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Cara said...

I just pulled out one of my favorite purses I hadn't used in a while. Guess what I found in one of the pockets...suckers and hair ties/bows. These must become one of your purse staples if they aren't already. Another favorite candy was Smarties. Maly's basement looks like a rockin' place with a slide! ;)