Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy 2 Month Birthday Adelyn # 2

Today we had two outings! Yah! It made the day sooo much better to get out twice!!

This morning my pastor's wife Jen texted and said Kim was coming to her house for a meeting and so I was welcome to come over too to let the girls play and to get out! I said "yes" of course and we went to play; it was good for Annabelle! She needs to be around other kids more and she had lots of fun!

After naps it was time for me and Adelyn to go to the doctor! Adelyn weighed 11.2; she has gained 2 pounds in a month! She is in the 52nd percentile for length, the 55th for weight, and her head circumference is 31 percent! It is funny because Annabelle's head was always way bigger than her body and Adelyn is the opposite!

Adelyn got her first set of shots and we did end up getting the Hep B vaccine. (Mostly because I had researched it and found out all the ways you can get Hep B and decided it was best.) I am not for or against shots for you. I feel like everyone has to make their own decision about it and the thing I hate the most is someone judging someone else for them doing what they feel is beat for their child. Aaannnnyyyywwwaaayyy, the shots were sad, i have only heard her cry that hard 2 other times and thats when annabelle hd hit her with something, but I know it is for her good. I didn't get very good pics but here they are:

This next pic is after shots :( I would have gotten a before shot but I was late sooo no time

And for comparison purposes here is Annabelle at 2 months

And I'm going to post another one of Adelyn from yesterday so I can see their faces compared better

Ohh and here is Annabelle doing what Annabelle does! When I take her clothes off in the morning she likes to run off with just a diaper so I let her run around for a while usually. She is watching her favorite, Miss Patty Cake or Miss PC as Adam and I call it when we don't want Annabelle to know what we are talking about! :)

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