Friday, February 12, 2010

Cookie Decorating Party

Today Adelyn, Annabelle and I went to a valentine's cookie decorating party! Annabelle and Adelyn were the only girls there but Annabelle had fun playing with the boys and their trucks! Annabelle loooved the cookies of course and I let her have two because I am having trouble not giving in when she says "more" and "please" in sign language; it is just too sweet!! Here are some pictures.

Annabelle enjoying her cookie

One of the cookies we made together

The hostess's (Autumn) mom held Adelyn while I decorated cookies with Annabelle.

Adelyn not so happy but oh so cute! (I am rocking her with my foot while holding AB; it's my new trick :) Oh and I have my shoes off bc you take off your shoes in people's houses in Ohio)

The group

We have had such a fun Valentine's week so far, cant wait till tomorrow!

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