Friday, February 26, 2010


We had another great day today! This morning I got some much needed cleaning done! I am having visitors this week on Thursday and I have much to do before then but I did get a little bit done while Adam was off and able to entertain the girls.

After naps we decided to go to Chick-fil-a and the closest one is in the Tuttle Crossing Mall! Sooo, off to the mall we went. I have to say that it has been snowing for the past few days and it was snowing pretty good when we left an the mall is about 25 minutes away; I can't believe we live that far from a Chick-fil-a! Anyway, we made it just fine, we only slide once and it was under a bridge where it had iced.

Of course I took lots of pictures; here are some of them!

Adam and his baby doll

Smannabelle enjoying her some chicken
There is this cute dog shop in the mall that has a real dog in it and AB loooved it of course. I stayed away of course!

I wish this wasn't blurry but so cute! Annabelle looooved walking all over the place and meeting people!

There is a really cute little shop called the Itsy Bitsy Place (I think) They have all kinds of toys for sale and you can play with them! Adam and Annabelle played in here while I nursed Adelyn.

Adam said Annabelle really loved pushing the baby in the cart! Love it!

Sweet Adelyn!!

Me and Adam in the car.
Oh and I have to share this story. A lady at gap totally made fun of my headband! She said, "Oh mom has a bow on like you!?! (to Annabelle) haha I thought it was funny and all I could think was I know I wouldn't get made fun of in the south! :) Oh well!

The mall was fun but this was our 25 minute drive home video

Believe me I don't think it is funny but what can you do in the car but laugh when they are screaming! I used to get sooo stressed when Annabelle cried as an infant in the car but getting stressed really doesn't help so now I try to just laugh and take care of whatever right when we get home....

and this is Annabelle right now. She will not go to sleep! We put her in her bed and she got herself all worked up so she is now up almost an hour past her bedtime and she is being a true woman, she is multitasking, she has her phone under her chin while drinking her water. She must see me do this...hilarious!

I am praying for a good night's sleep! We haven't had one in a whhhiiillle!!!!!


blackwellfam said...

First - your headband is adorable! Stupid woman at Gap did not know what she was talking about.

Second - I have finally stopped getting that really tense feeling in my chest when Adelle cries in the car. I am SO impressed that you can avoid the stress with two!

Third - Is that a 3 inch or 5 inch bow that Annabelle is wearing? I'm trying to decide which size to get Adelle and I can't visualize either on on her head.

Allie said...

I love that you can laugh and release the tension in the car when they are screaming. I was not good at that and spent lots of time at home because of it. I think it is great that you venture out and let them explore the world.

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Haha don't be impressed with the laughing! I promise I never did that with Annabelle...maybe it's the two thing? I don't know?!

Adelyn's bow is a 5 inch! I love the big ones but Annabelle really won't wear them anymore so I make Adelyn wear them :)

Ya'll are so sweet!