Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Success at Walmart!

When I walked in the door to church on Sunday morning I had lots of people ask me how I got out the door because they knew I did not have my husband to help me (bc he is setting up for church.) I have to say that the key to getting anything done right now is organization! I am NOT saying that I have it all together because believe me I don't, but organization is not hard for me, it is part of who I am. I love it! I am one of those people who actually enjoys taking everything out of a closet and organizing it and putting it all back in neatly. The feeling I get is like a runner's high :) ok maybe not that great but it's close! As you can imagine, going to the grocery store is quite the challenge these days. Before Adelyn was born I would plan my meals on Sunday and then go to Walmart with Annabelle on Monday. I would make a list and try to stick to it (because Adam has me on a tight grocery budget and I'm glad because it keeps me accountable.) I would do everything I could to keep Annabelle happy while in Walmart and would hurry as fast as I could to get everything and get out but I am right now going to Walmart with both girls is impossible because I cannot imagine if they both got upset at Walmart at the same time so we pick a day to go when Adam gets off work. Well, tonight was the night and I was very excited because I thought of a new Walmart strategy. I took my list and then I divided it into the places in Walmart where I knew I could find them so that when Adam and I were there trying to keep Annabelle in the cart and Adelyn from crying that I would hopefully only have to go down each isle once and it worked out soo great! We were in and out in 30 minutes!! Here is a pic of my list before we went in! (Adam's hands not mine :) )

This is sweet little Adelyn at Walmart! Adam usually drops us off and brings Annabelle in if you are wondering where she is.
I'll share more on organization and my crazy life soon! Off to watch the Biggest Loser!!


Heather Bug said...

Ashley!! I have never seen a list like that in my life! That is the best!! I make lists but not by the location in the store..that would help so much! I am always forgetting things and having to go to the whole other side of the store. :) Presley is ADORABLE!! Oh my goodness!!! Happy almost Wednesday!!!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person who tends to make her walmart list according the aisle items are located on. However, you win the prize, because I don't actually catergorize mine the way you do

Allie said...

I do a list like that too but I cheat. www.heb.com is a store we had in Texas. if you sigh up with an email address you can access their shopping list. you input the items you need and then when you print the list it lists the items in categories based on how you find them in the store!

Abby said...

I love this!!! I never think of wal-mart trips being tough, but I bet they are!!!! I can't wait to have kids, because that will bring so much more blog material! Although probably less time to write! CUTIES!!!! Annabelle Jane is what I've always wanted to name a girl of mine..and both those names are used with your girls!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!