Friday, January 22, 2010

Silver boots and bows

Today Adelyn went back to the doctor. Poor Adelyn has been to the doctor 4 times since she's been born mostly due to her thrush. Well, I have good news.. it's gone!!! We had a great visit today! Like I said the trush is gone, Adelyn weighed 9 lbs 1 oz, and the sweet nurse prac loved Adelyn's outfit so much that she took her around and showed her to all the doctors!! How funny for me!! I was loving it! Here is a a pic of her outfit:

And here is a pic of us

And here is an attempt of me and Adelyn and Annabelle haha

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Jessica Kenney said...

She is a doll. Don't you love trying to get both in a good picture! I can't wait to try 3 at one time!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Haha I can't imagine trying 3 in a pic :) how fun though!!! Btw its suppose to say how fun for me not how funny but I can't change it on my phone! :)

Abby said...

She is TOO cute!!!!! AWW!!!!