Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So I just got done watching the Biggest Loser and I was planning on going to bed but miss Adelyn does not want to eat yet so I cannot go to sleep yet so I decided I was going to blog a bit. I have a lot of things on my mind tonight but I don't know if I will get to write about all of it but I should get started huh :)

So, Adelyn had a little bit of a bad day today which made me really sad. She cried for a couple hours this afternoon and I assumed it was just stomach problems but then she cried and cried after dinner too and it seems like she cries right after I feed her so I am hoping and praying it is not my milk and that I am making enough milk. I know that is probably too much info for some people but if you can can you please pray for us about that?! I know it is only one bad day and tomorrow will probably be better so I am not worried yet.

On to a new subject, last night I was already having trouble with my patience with Adam. (I know it seems like I just keep talking about negative stuff but I really want to be real and not always write about the good things in life.) So, I was praying about it when I woke up at the 2:30 feeding with Adelyn the verses that kept coming to my mind were the verses on the fruits of the Spirit.

Galations 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law

I realized that I God has a lot of work to do through me. See to me it seems like patience goes along with kindness and gentleness and self control and I have trouble with all of these things. See, it is not hard for me to be patient or kind to my friends or even Annabelle but with Adam it is just so hard for me. He is just so sweet and kind and hardly never even gets upset and so I get so disappointed in myself when I am not patient with him. I looked up some other verses on patience today but haven't really gotten a chance to study them or even think about them much but I plan on doing it tomorrow because I know the more scripture I put in my head the better the chance for them to come up in my mind when I am tempted to be impatient.

One more thing for today, I cut out desserts today. See when I was pregnant I had a bit of a sweet tooth. I had to have something sweet after almost every meal. Sooo I think I got addicted to sugar. See before I got pregnant with Annabelle I was addicted to coffee and I decided that to be the healthiest I could to try to get pregnant I had to cut it out. So I did it cold turkey and it worked well for me. I can have coffee anytime I want now but I do not have to have it and that is how I want to be with dessert. Sooo, today was my first day with no dessert and I did it! After lunch I had to have an apple for dessert and at dinnertime I was too busy feeding Annabelle and Adelyn to worry about dessert so dinner was easy :) Anyway, since I wrote it here I have to do it right?!?

Well, that's it for tonight. Sorry I am scatterbrained but that is just how my brain is working these days with little sleep! Night!!


Ben and Audrey said...

it was easy for me to relate to all of this.

i remember having those days with Jack & i'm trying to prepare myself for them with Jovie. i'm praying that she is as easy as Jack was as a newborn!!!

i have trouble with patience too. most of the time, i just expect ben to read my mind & when he obviously doesn't, i get frustrated. he's like adam, never upset or frustrated!!! i'll be praying for you!!

when i was pregnant with Jack, i craved salty stuff & salad, a whole lot. i never wanted very much sweet stuff or coffee. but with Jovie, all i ever want is chocolate, sweet tea & starbucks coffee!! it must be a little girl thing!!! isn't it so funny how that works?! i'm really having to control myself when it comes to sweets. by nature, when i'm not pregnant, i don't struggle with sweet stuff. but mostly carbs. owell. i guess pregnancy is a good excuse!!!

love you girl!! i'll be praying adelyn has a better day today!!

Rachel said...

I am definitely a sweet-craving pregnant person! I hear it is common when you are carrying girls... who knows.
Hope you have a good day!

Erin, Mommy on the Run said...

Good luck with the sugar! I'm in the process of cutting it out of my coffee, and switching to decaf to prepare for baby #2. It's tough, but it's better for us!

I put you and your sweet girls (and your milk:) on my prayer list today. I remember the frustrations that can come along with nursing, and crying that you can't figure out. Today will likely be better.

Here's a verse that helps me a lot. It doesn't specifically have to do with patience, but it helps.

"Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips." Psalm 141:3

b.fox* said...

I will be praying! With my son Tristan I had to cut out certain things while breastfeeding. I couldn't do pasta or red sauce or tomatoes. He has acid reflux!(it is coming out more that young babies have it...)

Just something you might want to check out. It could just be something you ate that is making her more cry? Have you tried the colic tablets? also worked!!! :)

Rachel said...

Ashley! Just saw that you are back to blogging, and I am so glad. :) I too still feel like I'm third grade and am ENTITLED to a dessert if I finished my whole meal...as if I had a problem with that anyway. Will be praying for you and your girls and your patience. I have trouble on that end too, and the fault is entirely on me. May the Spirit produce in both of us the sweet fruits of His presence!