Sunday, January 24, 2010

I wish she could stay this age forever!

Ok just a warning...this is going to be a random post! I wanted to update ya'll (I can't help it!) on my dessert situation. It is going surprisingly well!! It has been about 3 weeks or so since I decided on no desserts. This was very hard at first. Well, let me back up and say that I am not a food nazi or depriving myself forever, I had just become addicted to sugar and HAD to wearn myself off of it! (Probably mostly because I felt like it had gotten out of my control, which you know I hate not being in contol!) Soooo, the first week = torture. I wanted dessert all the time but I did find something that I had that kind of made life better when I really wanted something sweet and that was cinnamon grahm crackers! They are great! Four squares equal 75 calaries, they have 8 grams of whole grain and it is just the right amount of sweetness! So they were a great substitute! After this, I really stopped craving desserts and decided that once a week I would have as much dessert as I wanted and I picked Sunday!! Today was my third Sunday and I have to say that I did not even want dessert after lunch but I ate it anyway because I knew I could :) I had 3 ghiradeli pecan pie choclate squares...delicious!!

On to the next subject, it was much easier to get ready and get out the door for church this morning! I have a great stategy! I'll share that and how great out small group was tonight in a later post! We just started a new series in small group and it is awesome!

On to the next subject, (I told you this was going to be random!) my friend Audrey Williams is having her baby girl tomorrow, Jovie! Please keep her in your prayers. She has mild preclamsia and it is a difficult time for her with this condition. You can read more about this on her blog but I know she would greatly appreciate your prayers!

And lastly, I wanted to show these two videos of my sweet baby doll. She is so funny these days!

This is Annabelle dancing. Sorry for my annoying voice in the video :)

This is Annabelle getting so excited that air is blowing in her face. I wish she could stay this age forever. I love it!



Ben and Audrey said...

thank you SO much for mentioning me on your blog. i appreciate you & your prayers so much. i love you & can't wait to share pictures of Jovie & talk about life with 2 kids with you!!!!

p.s. i LOVE the videos of annabelle. she is adorable!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I hope your friends birth goes well!

A good luck with no desserts!