Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wow! What a great year 2009 was for the Fisher family! We spent New Years in Key West with my dad, Gray, step-mom, Anita, brother, James and his girlfriend, Emily. We moved to Marysville, OH on January 4 starting a brand new chapter of our lives and we grew together as a family. We survived our first winter here, managing not to freeze in our apartment that had a broken door and icicles on the inside. We celebrated Annabelle's six month birthday, traveled to Memphis for Benj (Adam's brother) and Riann's wedding
celebrated our first holiday, Easter, without extended family and realized we would be ok, and then found out we were pregnant!!Annabelle and I went on a cruise with GePaw and Gigi.

We bought a house, did tons of work on it, moved in and made it pretty :). I was in two of my best friends, Crystal Barker Abernathy and Bethany Little Adamski's weddings

Annabelle took her first trip to the beachand we all got to go to Memphis and meet cousin Evangeline for the first time!

We celebrated Annabelle and Adam's birthdays with a big birthday bash, dedicated Annabelle to the Lord and spent Thanksgiving with our new family from Living Hope. We welcomed little Adelyn into our family and praised God for another healthy baby and safe delivery and spent Christmas in Ohio our families!


I am overwhelmed with how much God has blessed us this year. It has been one of those years in which it is easy to praise God because He has given us so much. May we always be thankful to Him no matter what the circumstances.


Ben and Audrey said...

cute post! i love you!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

thanks Auds! Love you too!! Wish we could get our babies together! Praying for you in the last few weeks! Can't wait to see pics of Jovie!

Candace said...

You guys have had a busy year! So glad I found your blog so I can keep up with you guys!