Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 1 month birthday Adelyn!

Today Adelyn is one month old! I cannot believe it has been a whole month! I assure you a month of not sleeping is well worth having this sweet little baby to play with!

I am so glad Annabelle loves her soo much! What an awesome blessing!! I pray they will be great friends all their lives!

It is funny, I expected Adelyn to be just like Annabelle, moslty because I had nothing else to compare her to, but they are sooo different already!! Adelyn has much different habits. She weighed almost a whole pound more than Annabelle. (Adelyn was 7 lbs 6 oz and Annabelle 6lbs 8oz.) Adelyn definitely likes to eat a lot more and has a very different cry. In my opinion, they look like sisters but have distinctive looks. Here is a picture of Annabelle at about one month old.
And here is a similar one of Adelyn I took a few days ago. See the similarities and differences?!
You know when I came out of surgery from having the ectopic pregnancy, the nurse told me that they could not save one of my tubes. I cried and said, "I'm never going to be able to have babies." Wow was I wrong. Only two short years later we have two babies and I couldn't be more thankful to God, the giver of life! He has been so good to us! May I remember this when times are tough with these two little ones!


Erin, Mommy on the Run said...

Your girls are so beautiful...and they look identical to me!!

Heather Bug said...

Ashley, why did I think Adelyn's name was Presley??? I'm crazy! SO precious!!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

I just assumed you thought my friend's baby Presley was cute!!! :) I would've never known!!

lukeandlaurawoodard said...

Hey Ashley! I'm so glad that you found my blog. I've been keeping up with you on Facebook...but i'm so glad that I found you on here! Your girls are SO CUTE! You seem like such an amazing mom. God has blessed your family. Funny thing...I wrote you a LONG note oneday on Facebook and when I got done somehow I deleated it and I didn't have time to write it all again. And I just never got back to it. Anyway, I was just saying how precious Annabelle was and how excited I was for your move and Adam's new job. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your precious family!

Nicole said...

Ashley your girls are soo precious! I love comparison shots--and those two of your girls look like the exact same baby. Adelyn is definitely bigger though!