Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Prayer for the Unappreciated Mom

A friend sent me "A Screwtape Letter for the Unappreciated Mom." When, I read it I was blown away by how well the author identified the lies us moms believe. I decided to write a prayer in response to this Screwtape Letter. Here it is: 

A Prayer for the Unappreciated Mom

God, you know, see, and understand all. Today, please protect my heart from feeling over-worked, unappreciated, and discouraged. God, please give me extra energy today. Remind me Jesus, that “the labor I do for you is never ever done in vain and that you are delighted in servant acts done in secret.” 

I’m coming to you now and begging for your help. I want to be filled with joy, peace, contentment and a servant heart. I need you Jesus; I know I cannot muster this stuff up on my own. 

Lord, protect my marriage, please God. Unify my husband and I on all fronts, and when an issue comes up that threatens to disunite us, make it clear, give us eyes to see the issue for what it is and not see each other as the enemy. 

Remind me that my husband is my friend, my best friend. One who has seen my ugliest flaws and loves me anyway. Enable me to look over his faults and love him deeply with “the love that covers a multitude of sins.” Give me the power to easily forget when he wrongs me, liberating my mind to give him “grace upon grace upon grace.”

Oh good Father, rid my heart of bitterness and resentment towards my husband. Instead of bitterness, give me a heart of contentment for the life you have given me. Holy Spirit flood my heart giving me the things of you- joy and sweetness, a calm that seeks to comfort others.

Condition my heart to only see the best in people- especially my husband. To always assume he has good motives, trusting you to take care of him when he doesn’t. Give me eyes to see his strengths and give me the words to encourage him.

Instead of focusing on my pain or trouble today, empower me to think on and pray for others-considering others more important that myself. Help me to apply this truth first and foremost with my family- my husband and children.  Give me the heart to joyfully serve them expecting nothing in return. 

Please Father, give me the clarity of heart and mind to follow the path you have for me today. “Show me your ways, lead me in your truth, guide me Lord.” Help me not to become so task focused that I don’t see the people you want me to love on today. On the reverse, help me not to be lazy, but give me the diligence I need to complete the tasks before me, no matter how unappealing they seem. I trust you can direct me moment by moment today Lord. 

And Jesus my children. Oh Lord, give me eyes to see how much beauty my children add to my life. When I feel absolutely depleted, bring to mind, the eternal value of raising children who love you and want to serve you is priceless. Remind me of how valuable it is to my children that I am available for them when they have a need. Give me small glimpses into the future enabling me to envision what wonderful adults my children have the potential to be with their unique personalities and giftings. Recall to my mind that there is no greater calling than to be a mom. 

Today, please Jesus help me to find the affirmation I need from you, in being obedient to the calling you have for me now. Today, please bring to mind scripture and songs that echo the message: “You are enough for me.”

God, I was recently reminded that the most valuable thing in the world is truth. I know as a stay at home mom there are many hours of brain blank space where my mind needs to focus on truth and good or it can go down slippery slope. Help me, no matter what my circumstance, to discipline my mind to dwell on truth. Grant me the discernment to decipher lies thrown my way and equip me to dispel them with your truth. 

I need you every second today Jesus and you know it. Thank you for your constant presence and for the beautiful life you with which you have blessed me. 


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wisdom for the New Year

"By 'wisdom' James is talking not only about knowledge, but the ability to make wise decisions in difficult circumstances. We as Christians, do not have to grope around in the dark, hoping to stumble on answers. We can ask the God who knows everything, for wisdom to guide our choices." -Life Application Bible 

I don't know about you, but there are many things vying for my time these days. I desperately need God's wisdom to know how I am to spend my time this year! I'm thankful I serve a God who knows what is best for me, and wants to "show me which path to choose." His path for my life will not only be the best for me, the most fulfilling and the least stressful (because I won't be taking on talks I wasn't supposed to!) His way, His path for my life, will also be most glorifying to Him! 

God give me a heart of wisdom this year for your glory alone! Amen!! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

You are the God who saves me...

May I follow His voice today... As He shows me the right path. This takes the pressure off for me; I simply listen for His voice all day and follow His instructions....

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the lips of your children's children

I am thankful for promises like this tucked away in scripture. At first glance, I thought this promise was strictly for the people of Jerusalem, but with further study I found out it was not only for them but for us! 

It's amazing to think about God's Spirit never leaving us and the power of His word from generation to generation. 

This morning I couldn't help but think of one of my sets of grandparents with whom I was just able to spend Christmas. As our family went around the room and shared what we were all grateful for this year, many expressed gratefulness in the fact that my grandparents love the Lord and taught us all to love the Lord by their example.

I know my grandparents have had this type of impact because they treasure  their relationship with God and His word. I pray when I'm their age, I will be able to  sit around at Christmas and looking at my family and be able to claim this precious promise, "His Spirit has not left me and His words are on the lips of my children's children." What a precious promise. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Be Strong

Sometimes I just want to quit. Relationships are hard, tasks can become challenging, even in my relationship with God, I can get frustrated and just feel like I want an out, for Him to stop pruning and just leave me alone.

I adore this passage of scripture from Ephesians 6; it's a challenge for me not to quit but to stay strong.

The contrasts of the definitions of "strong" and "weak" speak volumes:

Strong: *having the power to perform physically demanding tasks
*able to withstand great force or pressure
*very intense 

Weak: *lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks
*liable to break or give way under pressure-easily damaged
*lacking intensity and brightness 

I want to be strong and not weak. I'm encouraged thinking about this concept of being "strong in the Lord." This type of strength I cannot muster up on my own. Just like it says above, I can draw this strength from Him being empowered by my union with Him. I'm extremely thankful that He has the power to give me all of the strength I need, enabling me not to quit when it gets hard, but to stay strong with whatever He has given me to do today! 

*from Oxford Dictionaries